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Vacation-Rentals Relaxing at the Amsteltuin Vineyard and Patio For those who want a day excursion in the country, escaping to the town next to Amsterdam, Amstelveen is a wonderful way to escape the busy lifestyle of the village. De Amsteltuin or Amsteltuin Vineyard is one of the very few Dutch vineyards existing and is the only one very close to Amsterdam that has different wine-related activities such as workshops and wine courses. Request for a group tour in advance in order to see the full capacity of the vineyard. Wine tasting is also possible but upon special request as the wine produced from the grapes in the vineyard is still under experimentation to see which type of wine is best produced. In the more warm-weathered months, one can enjoy a barbecue and buffet from the staff if wished. Otherwise, just prepare to spend a day under their trees, sipping wine and watching the day go by on their large patios and terraces. The Vineyard is also used as a care centre for the disabled. De Pijp, The Road Less Traveled for Tourists in Amsterdam Although not as famous to tourists because of its reputation as being a working class neighborhood, De Pijp is one of the great neighborhoods to visit in Amsterdam, particularly if you want to see a blend of local and foreign culture so seamlessly .bined in one setting. De Pijp is a melting pot of sorts for many cultures which is evident in their cuisine offerings. De Pijp also has the Albert Cuyp Market which sells affordable items from flowers to alternative medicine and is considered as the largest outdoor market in Netherlands. The market is open 6 days a week excluding Sunday from 9: 00 AM to 6: 00 PM. They have different restaurants to offer the adventurous individual such as Mamouche where they serve North African dishes with a Western European influence or Bazar where they have Arabian dishes with North African twist. There are also many shops in De Pijp not found in more .mercialized areas which should result to surprise finds and a satisfied shopping experience. Art and Design in Amsterdam Really, when so much freedom has been inculcated in a place, its no wonder that the mind can roam free without inhibitions of the conventional. The Design and Art world in Amsterdam is quite .mendable having progressed in leaps and bounds in the last few years, from professional industrial designers to amateur artists. One of the most sought-after schools of design is found in Amsterdam, the Gerrit Rietveld Academy which brings in some of the most gifted students in Europe through their corridors to study courses on architecture, graphic design, fashion and textile design, jewelry design and special parts of photography and ceramics. Dont forget to take in the retail stores too as most artists have set up shop here. When in Amsterdam, check out the different shops all over the city such as Bebob Design in Prinsengracht, Droog at Staalstraat, Moooi Gallery, Pols Potten, Mobilia Woonstudio and The Frozen Fountain, all of which touch on different aspects of design from interior, lighting, baubles and inspirational pieces as well. Amsterdam for the Ultimate Food Lovers Most of the dining stops in Amsterdam are famous for their cozy atmosphere, warm setting and relaxed manner more than just the culinary delights they offer. Most of the eating areas in Amsterdam are meant more to be great hangout places rather than just places to dine in, where one is allowed to just pine the day away with family or friends. For those who like big portions for their meals, theres the Bistro Sante at Regio. Another nice choice is Caf aad de Wolf which is restaurant by day and bar at night, meant for quiet conversations and a much older crowd. At Zaanse Schans, theres a historic old building which serves great food and is considered a great conversation place too, the Restaurant de Hoop op d Swarte Walvis. And for those who like to .bine Asian cuisine and seafood flavor, theres the Thai restaurant t Waepen van Naang-Nuan which specializes in fresh fish and sumptuous dessert. On top of these restaurants, there are still so many choices all over Amsterdam, so experiment! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: