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The swing mirror storm? Then the fireworks workshop is how to do VR box – Sohu technology "2 years preparing for today suspended the storm mirror!" Today the fireworks workshop CEO Lou pool in his public, "Lou teacher forum" published the article title wrote. Then there he tells why the storm mirror, we established is not recognized at the time of fireworks workshop storm in the VR market strategy, feel bad experience of product of domestic VR market failure, that time and technology is the only way to promote the VR market. The fireworks workshop of CTO Wang Mingyang’s former club is the science and technology, is also the first generation of storm mirror App developers. After leaving the storm to create fireworks, he had said that the reason for leaving the storm is not consistent with the concept of Feng products". Since the clear death knock storm mirror, then what is the fireworks workshop VR strategy? To improve the VR experience to mobile phone copycat box 60 fireworks workshop the initial product is a VR video player — fireworks theater, then at the end of last year’s conference, announced plans to do hardware, but Lou pool emphasizes the hardware is forced, because the country did not have good hardware". However, from the end of last year to now more than half a year, the fireworks strategy has changed. Announced a conference of the VR helmet "scene -1" (JiDome -1) was launched in September 26th, selling time today. However, unlike the previous description is that fireworks no longer own hardware products as their main user access to the channel. Lei Feng Lou pool in an interview said that the fireworks will still sell his helmet, but more is a circle, more core business is their technology licensing to Shenzhen copycat box manufacturers, the equivalent of cooperation to push very scene standard products. We re adjust the strategy, to find a more reliable solution provider, then find a few to do shell, together to save a set of solutions, with the Cardboard manufacturers to push the new, equivalent to the very act of standard products. At that time, we said that the conference to encourage compatible standards, but did not expect that we will put the core of their. Chose to such cooperation as the core, there are several reasons: first, the fireworks themselves have no manufacturing advantages, but also unfamiliar with these aspects of cost control, supply chain. Lou pool think, if only to find an assembly plant, then its participation is not high, it is difficult to do things quickly, because just as a contract to perform". Secondly, the Shenzhen box manufacturers shipments are very high, Lou pool said he learned that the amount is a single month 200-300 million, and these manufacturers have their own market channels. Finally, Lou pool Shenzhen said that the makers of these more pragmatic, pay attention to sellers, to make money, not too much thought to the user. With the Shenzhen company to give him the attention of Shenzhen technology, sellers, we pay attention to the user. Of course, the reason why fireworks can choose to go this route is similar to Google and Oculus technology licensing.相关的主题文章: