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The two financial balance of around 900 billion yuan mark wave frequency was ETF gallon Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Reporter Zhang Yi – although on Friday suffered a net repayment greatly, but this Monday’s PPP boom again to attract capital resides. August 29th, margin balance ring to raise more than 2 billion 200 million yuan to 901 billion 352 million yuan, to regain a solid point of $900 billion mark. It is worth noting that the recent acquisition of ETF net purchase of a significant increase in the frequency of the market, the formation of echoes in the blue chip market, may mean that a new rebound is brewing. Two return to the balance of $900 billion after briefly fell below $900 billion, the balance of the two financial rebound. According to Wind data, 29, the balance of financing was $897 billion 808 million, an increase of RMB 2 billion 220 million yuan, margin balance of $3 billion 545 million, a slight increase in the chain. However, the recent increase in financing balance is not due to the increase in the amount of financing to buy, but due to the amount of financing to buy and repay both declined, but the amount of financing repayment fell more. For example, 29 of the amount of financing for the purchase of $38 billion 709 million, a decline of $3 billion 171 million, while the amount of repayment of financing was 36 billion 489 million yuan, a decline of $7 billion 496 million. In fact, since August 15th, the amount of financing to buy and pay out of a continuous downward trend. Among them, the amount of financing to buy the amount of repayment and the balance of 15 days were $86 billion 29 million and $75 billion 62 million. Industry point of view, 28 SW level industry index, a total of 19 industries to obtain financing net buying, which on Monday, banks, utilities and pharmaceutical industry, financing the net purchase amount of the top, were 438 million yuan, 327 million yuan and 269 million yuan; at the same time, food and beverage, chemical and non silver the financial industry of the net purchase amount of more than 200 million yuan. In contrast, the net amount of compensation for communications, defense and media sector in front of 148 million yuan, respectively, $56 million 675 thousand and 400 and $42 million 69 thousand and 200. Stocks, CITIC Guoan, Dongxu broadcasting, Vanke A net financing the purchase amount of the top, were 850 million yuan, 478 million yuan and 410 million yuan; and at the same time, Haihong holdings, Yili, environmental trimer, Langfang development, palm shares and Enjoyor net purchase amount exceeds 300 million yuan. In contrast, the financial sector, ZTE and aviation capital net repayment of funds in the top 87 million 417 thousand and 300 yuan, respectively, $86 million 279 thousand and 300 and $63 million 916 thousand and 800. ETF financing balance stabilized stabilized concern is the recent ETF frequent access to financing makes the main subject of the opening, ETF financing balance began to stabilize, the early rebound. ETF, 29, Huatai Rui Rui CSI 300ETF get a net purchase amount of $15 million 354 thousand and 300 financing, followed by Huaan gold ETF and China Shanghai 50ETF, sub theory相关的主题文章: