The typhoon catfish tail clouds still powerful in Quanzhou and more heavy rains in Fujian – Beijing christie stevens

The typhoon "catfish" tail clouds still powerful in Quanzhou and more heavy rains in Fujian – Beijing Beijing in September 29 Quanzhou Xinhua (reporter Sun Hong) by the seventeenth typhoon this year, "catfish" tail clouds, 29, Fujian, Nanan, Jinjiang, Yongchun, Quanzhou, Luojiang, Dehua and other places of heavy rains. Ventilation was informed of flood control and Drought Relief Headquarters of Quanzhou city reporter held from 29 on the evening of the meeting, as of 16, Quanzhou city’s 13 counties (cities, districts) 165 townships of 289 thousand and 800 people were affected, 132 thousand people evacuated, 1 people died; tolls direct economic losses total 3 billion 40 million yuan. Quanzhou city flood control office director Xie Zhaonan said that as of 16, 350 houses collapsed; crops affected area of 692 thousand and 800 acres; production of industrial and mining enterprises 559; power supply interrupted 235 times, affecting 331 thousand households electricity; communication base station interrupt service 342 times; 290 times EMU outage, Jinjiang airport canceled Flights 35 sorties, Stephen JINHANGXIAN 28 day outage; damaged dikes and revetment, embankments, sluices, hydropower and water conservancy facilities 1634; highway interrupted 158 times, collapse 123, slide 577, bridge 7. As of 18, Quanzhou cumulative rainfall of more than 50 mm of the site has more than 100 mm, there are more than 24, with Nanan mountain beauty of 228 mm as the largest. Heavy rains caused part of the river level rise. On the morning of 29, Nanan local torrential rain, Shijing, head, Guan Qiao, Liucheng, Xi Mei, Merrill Lynch, new, Luo Dong township (street) flooded seriously. Nanan Shifang Zhi emergency coordination forces and rescue teams to the front line to support troops dispatched 950 passengers, professional service team of 44 passengers, 20 assault boats, large "water dragon" equipment 1 Taiwan; 12, according to the new town Nanan City Sheng Village ditch ponds dam water culvert collapse danger, quickly organized the people’s Liberation Army the masses and cadres of more than and 50 emergency rescue operation, transfer downstream of the masses more than and 300 people, the danger has been ruled out. 29, Jinjiang Jin Jing Wai dike head off the coast of east side of 50 meters of stone revetment was hollowed out, quickly organized local cadres and the masses of more than and 100 people the first time to carry out repair work, dispatched loader 7, 2, 10 cement tanker excavator, is expected to complete the repair work in the sea before tonight. To the 29 day morning, Dehua County Nancheng Town, Shuikou Town Village were dispatched to rescue trapped PLA Armed Police Forces 731 people, various types of vehicles 24, 5 assault boats, engineering machinery and equipment 25 sets. In the south tower, Cheng Zhen Dou jujube pit village 2, traffic police forces began the morning of 29 road reopened work, through blasting cleaning of landslide. At present, water, electricity, communications have been restored to normal, village cadres and village committee has to adhere to, in the mass transfer of the centralized resettlement village, unified settled by the village committee; the mass transfer of resettlement in the surrounding family and friends, by the village committee unified subsidy meals to solve the food problem. In Shuikou Town, Kun Li Keng ban, Cheng Ze, Mao CuO village 4, traffic police rescue forces arrived at 29 PM Shuikou Town, Village Road reopened, positive hill road. )相关的主题文章: