The United States presidential election Trump Hilary ‘election downturn soulseek

The United States presidential election Trump Hilary ‘election downturn in August 16, 2016, Wisconsin, Trump visited the Milwaukee County War Memorial Center overlooking Lake Michigan. To change the focus of the election: Trump leader questioned last month, Republicans and Democrats held Congress formally established the party’s presidential candidate, between Democrat Barack Hilary and Republican presidential candidate Trump also entered the white hot stage of the competition. However, it is somewhat surprising that the focus of the election has deviated from the original fight to fight the political achievements of the spelling of the program, the increasingly focused on Trump’s leadership qualities (temperament). In fact, as early as in the primary period have questioned whether Trump for president, for example, a professor of psychology at the Northwestern University Dan McAdams had pointed out that the performance of Trump suggested that he has an inescapable trap, mainly for the performance of their own is too too outgoing, love, and lack of empathy. The psychological trap in the political life, is irritable, aggressive and capricious speech. Trump’s temperament is become the focus of the problem began in July at the end of the party. During the Congress, the son of the families of the martyrs died in Iraq Khan bashing Trump slander American Muslims, no sacrifice for the country or any person, Trump attacked the families of martyrs continuously on twitter, this behavior has hurt the feelings of the military, including the Republican party chiefs also by social criticism. Then, Trump remarks on firearms and provoked outrage, he hinted that the pro gun people to stop Hilary became president, was a lot of people accused of inciting violence. In the meantime, Trump could focus on economic issues, because the same time the U.S. Department of Commerce released report shows that the U.S. economy grew just 1.2% in the second quarter of this year, and revised data on economic growth in the first two quarters, the degree of U.S. economic growth for 0.9% seasons in 2015, 2016, a quarter of economic growth 0.8%. Hilary has been considered to be the successor of Obama, once Obama’s economic policies failed, Hilary will be affected in the election. However, Trump did not seize the opportunity of economic issues to Hilary in hot pursuit. The Hilary camp has seized the opportunity to turn a presidential election into a vote of confidence for Mr Trump. They said that the discussion of tax Trump plan is very important, is the core of this election has become whether we want to elect a ambitious vision, can people together as the president, or to choose a narrow-minded, socially divisive president. Even in the case of Hilary’s economic policy speech, but also did not forget to attack the president did not have the president of the United States and the commander of the temperament of the armed forces in the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States and the United states. From President Obama to the more than and 50 Republican National Security executives have also said that when the president does not have Trump temperament, such people management of the country’s nuclear weapons, how to make people feel at ease? This challenge is also reflected in the polls. According to a joint poll by ABC and Washington Post, about 67%.相关的主题文章: