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The Western Sichuan Wang Huai Tang Wang three people around the world (Figure), the first major country, has a total population of about 95000000. About 4500000 Sichuan Wang population in the ranks of the major provinces in sixth; but in Sichuan the surname Wang population, ranked third. Whether it is from the country or Sichuan’s population, is absolutely the most common surname wang. Wang Sichuan branch, especially in two times of the early Ming Dynasty and early Qing Dynasty Huguang fill in Sichuan large-scale immigration movement, from many provinces or Wang family or to the family as a unit, a move to Sichuan, greatly enriched the population quantity of Sichuan Wang, Wang also created the status of population in Sichuan now. In the west of Sichuan Guanghan (micro-blog), Pengzhou (micro-blog), Shifang (micro-blog) and other places, there is a clear Kangxi 42 years (1703) Dongkou County in Hunan Shaoyang city on the three migration Sichuan Huai Tang Wang Marshal descendants, now multiply to tens of thousands of people. In Qing Dynasty, the man surnamed Wang in Guanghan, Shifang and Pengzhou were built, and the captain of the temple (Hall) in the Qing Dynasty 21 years (1841) Xiuzhuan the "three Huai Tang Wang Xichuan spectrum". Wang Yuanshuai, who is? Well, there’s a story here. To tell the story of Wang Yuanshuai before we go back to the source, about three Wang Huai Tang origin and history. Although the version is more, but the basic facts are the same. According to the relevant historical and genealogical records three Wang Huai Tang, Wang You, the word king uncle (a brother-in-law), Zhou Shenxian (now Shandong Shenxian) people, living in the Five Dynasties and early Song dynasty. Because of Zhu Youtang’s name from Ming period, the historical and genealogical Wang Hongzhi emperor and later put his name into the king or the king Hu lei. Wang you had an official in Jin Dynasty, Han Zhou Dynasty regime, served as Weixian, now Hebei Henan Nanle County magistrate. After the establishment of the Song Dynasty, Zhao Kuangyin, he played for the song, of course, the official is bigger and bigger. Bao opened 2 years (969), who report to Zhao Kuangyin said, Daming Fu Zhou Jiedushi Fu Yanqing rebellion. Zhao Kuangyin thought of Wang You is Zhou, Wang You told Fu Yanqing to rebell, sent him to the magistrate when damingfu, and phase suggested: "do a good job! Well, the organization will treat you, you know a cow?" Wang You happily took office, to investigate the Fu Yanqing rebellion. Wang Youcha check, did not find any evidence of Fu Yanqing to rebel, will not take the initiative to report to Zhao Kuangyin. A few months later, Zhao Kuangyin see Wang You there is no movement, the king called back to ask what is going on. Wang You and the whole family to truthfully report, the head of security, Fu Yanqing not rebel. If the Wang You report end stop, perhaps will rewrite history. But Wang You may be said on the addiction, and Fu Yanqing things, and initiates from this, called Zhao Kuangyin Hou Jin, Han Emperor learned because suspicion of indiscriminate historical lessons. Wang You’s words let Zhao Kuangyin hear heart plug in a few days, sent him to Xiangzhou (now Hubei Xiangyang City Xiangzhou District) to be state, don’t mention the promised promotion minister. Wang You Zhao Kuangyin of such a practice is a little angry, Xiangzhou to assume office before, in their own house planted 3 tree said: "although I am not in three of my children, but there must be a river相关的主题文章: