This is a smart Bluetooth headset can understand you! 3u8813

This is a smart Bluetooth headset can understand you! "Hello FIIL" "hello" "I want to hear" in full bloom of life "" a "song of Wang Feng" for a rainy day. "Well, this is between FIIL Diva and Pro dialogue, believe me, FIIL Diva Pro absolutely understand, intelligent voice interactive function can not cover! FIIL Diva Pro Fiil Diva high version, is Professor Wang Feng in August this year released a whole scene of intelligent wireless headset, this title is not that very tall? Then the fairy took you to a detailed understanding of the next FIIL Diva Pro in addition to intelligent voice interactive features, other forced grid full function. FIIL Diva Pro mobile phone headset from the built-in 4GB storage space, can directly download music to a headset, and HD lossless local storage, which makes FIIL Diva Pro with the player, from the mobile phone, this is the fairy dreamed headset ah! In addition, FIILDiva Pro has a smart start stop function, in the process of playing music, when a user takes down the headset, the music will be automatically suspended, noise reduction function can be automatically closed so as to ensure the headset battery life, and to put on the headset, the function will automatically recover from the breakpoint. Intelligent noise reduction technology FIIL Diva headset support the noise function, the highest can sound outside 96% low-frequency noise eliminated, it is indeed very exciting; and FIIL Diva, we can also adjust the noise mode according to the actual scene, divided into specific mode, and listen to the noise reduction mode, open mode and wind pattern, have to say this very humane. Touch operation is different from most of the current market needs through the headset wire or button control to operate the headset, FIIL Diva can realize the touch control, the user only needs the headset casing, by sliding up and down can realize the volume before and after the addition and subtraction, sliding can be realized before and after switching the song. Long press on the support volume increment and decrement, long press support songs before and after the fast forward, full sense of science and technology, is also in line with the current trend of human-computer interaction design. HiFi audio decoder chip FIIL Diva headset impedance is 32 ohms, using 32mm coil unit, titanium composite membrane technology, combined with HiFi FIIL Diva Pro audio decoder chip built-in, can support 12 kinds of lossless music format decoding, ensure the quality retention of the maximum of the original presentation more in place. In addition, FIIL and the United States Eilex MaxWide cooperation in the FIIL Diva to add a theater class 3D sound, making the sound experience more full three-dimensional. So many grid is very full and very user-friendly design must move you! FIIL Diva Pro price is 1499 yuan, but double!相关的主题文章: