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Three people master operating secret – Sohu began to do business in the micro science teacher at the beginning of 2015, in other micro taking the case of the decline, he quickly rise, with only half a year time, has done more than 50 million of the monthly sales, this article will master the core operating secret sharing. A free, share accumulate fans micro film master formerly known as Liu Fuyou, are doing early Taobao, but Taobao has not been done, his entrepreneurial experience also made into a micro film "master Taobao dream", touched a lot of friends, but also accumulated a lot of fans. Since the media is the basis of fans, master began to do from the media, through various media platform to share their experience, after writing a series of articles, more and more fans, many users every day to see his article, his influence is gradually increasing. Free classes have influence, is the basis of fans, the master began to play a completely different training mode: free class. Many of his circle of friends in the circle, organized by YY free online training. Because it is free, so the number of people involved in the reputation and the rise quickly, every time he held YY online training, at least tens of thousands of people to participate in, so it lasted a year. Through the years of hard work, he has accumulated a lot of loyal iron! In fact, choose two pieces of the master in 2015 began to do micro business, this time, the industry has entered a bit late, but he is very sensible to avoid competition in the market, find a out of the ordinary. Breakthrough. How is he doing? From the beginning of 2013 to 2014 of micro business, micro business rise during the two years, do micro business is nothing creative, basically do the mask and cosmetics, in 2015 these products are rotten, a large number of mask brand began to decline, many of the team looking for new products. Choice is more important than hard work, the master at this time is a wise choice of the ginger tea, there are two main reasons: 1, the market competition is very small, no leading brand, you can easily do the first brand 2, micro business women, our products can be conditioning women dysmenorrhea, to quickly cut into the market in 2015 January master derivative the registration of the three people in the March launch of the brand, ginger tea, due to the choice of the basic category is very good, fans are also very much, while the threshold is very low, three people in just one month, the development of ten thousand agents, sales up immediately. Sales up, suppliers can not keep up, then the master gave up the original factory, found his hometown Huizhou star enterprise, Jin Chuang Bao played exhibition Zhao Kenny Ho, then the two sides began in-depth cooperation. Production problems solved thoroughly, three people into the high-speed development track. At the end of 2015, the master came to Beijing to find me, their monthly sales have nearly ten million. Three, winning mode rapid expansion in 2016, master created a winning mode, prompting them to team fast)相关的主题文章: