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Tibet district government team of 6 people elected member of the Standing Committee of the provincial deputy secretary to 4 – Sohu news | Fu Ning wrote to the political bureau know what to write this article, the country has 6 provinces Party committee team unveiled a new session. The latest news comes from Tibet. According to the official notification, in November 18th the first plenary meeting of the ninth Committee of the CPC Tibet autonomous region elected a new leadership. Is this list, let the government know King changed the topic, let’s talk about the election. Three out of three after the election, the number of the Tibet Autonomous Region Party committee team, from the original 15 people reduced to 14 people. The most obvious change is that the new team is no longer uniform standing, and the number of provinces had similar. The government SIPO noticed a few days ago, the general in the provinces, only Jiangxi has not changed — this original team would have no uniform standing". Political commissar of the Tibet military Diao Guoxin no longer remain standing, there are two people to quit the team’s 65 year old and 54 year old public insurance Tashi PEMA Lin. It is Tibet’s Padma choling evergreen tree". In the army ten years, in 1986 he entered the office of the Regional Government Secretary, a step promoted to Chairman of the autonomous region government, 2013 transferred to the people’s Congress Standing committee. The 54 year old had public insurance Tashi in the central organization department for ten years. From 1986 the Central Institute for Nationalities in the Central Organization Department, served as deputy director of the deployment of the deployment of Cadres Bureau staff; 1996 is the Central Organization Department office senior secretary identity parachuted into Tibet Shigatse as deputy secretary, after Shigatse, Nagqu, Lhasa three as the main leadership, two in the United Front Work department minister, during 2006 to 2011 transferred to the party secretary general. Now, the vice chairman of the Autonomous Region Party Committee United Front Work Department and the Autonomous Region Committee Party Secretary, the former Party committee public insurance tashi. Tibet Autonomous Region Party committee team of "three three" in several provinces in the completion of the general is relatively stable. With "three three" is Henan, Shanxi and Anhui two provinces are four into four". A larger change is completed in November 16th election in Jiangxi, the provinces of the Standing Committee of the team "five into five", the 60 year old secretary of provincial Party Committee United Front Work Department Cai Xiaoming, 59 year old Hong Zhu, Secretary General of the provincial Party committee secretary Zhou Meng from the Standing Committee of the team. The 54 year old Chen Junqing Gan River District Party committee secretary Gong Jianhua and 53 year old party propaganda minister also failed to retain the post of the standing committee. The new Jiangxi provincial Party committee team of 1 provincial leaders: Vice Governor Yin Jianye; 2 Party Secretary: Nanchang municipal Party committee secretary Yin Meigen, Yingtan municipal Party committee secretary Chen Xingchao; 2 of the provincial Party committee deputy department: provincial deputy secretary general Liu Jie, deputy secretary of the provincial Party Committee Organization Department Zhao Liping. 3 people? 4 people! According to the CPC Central Committee issued the "Regulations" of local committees of the Communist Party of Chinese: provincial Party committee is generally 11 to 13 people, some places need appropriate, by the decision of the CPC Central Committee or the provincial Party committee according to the spirit of the central government approval. Political Bureau noted that so far has been completed.相关的主题文章: