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Tmall, millet and MIX eleven double fly input method, Chinese, fell in love with "near innovation" – technology Sohu Tmall double 11 trading volume fell on the 120 billion 700 million all day long on the number, than I expected a little less. However, Tmall 11 is still a big shock to me – not numbers, but I am in the double 11 media center to see the little bit of the 24 hours. Some people say that 11 is a double China black Friday, but in fact, double the value of 11 and more than this, it is promotional increasingly weak, it is no longer the pursuit of promotional activities transactions in a culture, online shopping habits, as Ma Yun said, has a new connotation of double 11 a year. Now double 11 has become a stimulating consumer demand, promote consumer upgrades, tools to create lifestyle. China Internet Corporation has been criticized Copy 2 China, and double the success of the 11 is to overturn this bias, which is a textbook can be written in the business case. Some people say that this is the most successful ever made festival marketing, many imitators, but not beyond. However, the double 11 is not just the "marketing activities", which involves many aspects of operations, technology, products, in my opinion, it reflects an innovative way of Chinese Internet giants are popular in innovation. Tmall double 11 "near innovation" in the double 11 day, Alibaba to show a number of technical ability, it may appear that the technology is not so black Technology: the first hour Tmall double 11 opening this year, transactions per second peak of 175 thousand pen, 120 thousand pen payment per second peak, set a world record of concurrent transactions. Based on the calculation of Ali cloud, Tmall successfully deal with the largest human DDoS attack once a year, is precisely because of the concurrent technology advantage, the annual Spring Festival Eve will accept DDoS attack 12306 invited the Alibaba as a technology partner. Rookie intelligent network based on large data algorithms, as well as intelligent warehouse, Tmall to ensure that the 1 billion packages in the fastest and most effective path to the hands of consumers. Rookie network to allow Alibaba to overcome the logistics of this last short board, while greatly improving the logistics efficiency of the retail industry, from Ma proposed zero deposit repository of new logistics is getting closer. 11 the influx of customer demand 95% automatically processing is based on artificial intelligence service robot Ali Xiaomi, significantly enhance the user perception, reduce the pressure of business customer service. Ali cloud ET based electricity supplier brain, in this year’s 11 to achieve a personalized Tmall page for each consumer to generate, to meet the individual needs of consumers at the same time to help businesses improve the conversion rate. On the same day, Alibaba’s opponent is displayed UAV delivery of such black technology. On the surface, the UAV delivery to play such a more innovative, a few months ago I was invited to visit their rookie network in Guangzhou intelligent warehouse, I did not see similar to Amazon in the warehouse "robot", but on a conveyor belt factory robot ", was originally a bit disappointed. Now I understand, in the technical innovation of this thing Ali相关的主题文章: