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Home-Improvement Marble is an elegant and refined touch at home, but real marble can be very expensive. Fortunately, faux painting, you can change the look of marble at a price that is not your budget. You do not even need to be a professional artist to look impressive results! Getting Started. Before starting your Faux painting project, it helps to take some time, images of different marble slabs to create a better idea of what the work for you. These days, you do not even traveling to do. Just do an online search for "marble" and find sites that give you a variety of images. There are a number of different methods used to the appearance of marble. Intricate designs can be time consuming, but especially if this is your first Faux painting project. In addition, elaborate patterns can sometimes .pete with other elements in the room. If you choose to use this surface on a wall, then a marble-look, has fewer wires that quietly blend in another. You can only have the color, since real marble .es in a thousand different colors and designs. Their colors should be consistent with the existing room decor and consists of more than one color. Tips for Faux marble painting projects: When creating a faux marble finish, you’ll need at least two colors of glaze. The traditional colors of marble Faux Painting projects are Burnt Sienna on a dark gray or pale ivory background. If you are using a black background, but subtle shades of white and green are best. You can send your base texture of the glaze coat of light dabbing with a Erdballen to grocery store plastic bags. Variations in tone can lift more color with a natural sea sponge. Veins can be added to your work with a fine brush, but you can also experiment with different looks through the veins with a goose or turkey feather. If you want to create a template make your work, tearing a strip of poster board and color along the jagged edge. If you are nervous that a big project now considers spending some time perfecting your technique on a piece of scrap wood or a sturdy sheet of poster board. Do not be too critical when it .es to correct errors in your work, but. As a natural material, real marble is seldom perfect. Several veins are looking in terms of strength and intensity is important. Therefore, even a few small errors can help make your Faux painting project a more realistic look. Working with a Faux Painting Kit: For those who are just learning about Faux finishing techniques, the investment in a Faux Painting kit can be a smart move. A kit provides all necessary tools in a strategic location, and detailed instructions take you through your home project. Although many home improvement stores in the variety of kits you can find the Inter. is a great place to buy a right for you. There are websites that give you the basics of Faux painting; you can help achieve a faux marble finish, even if they are not included in the kit. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: