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[together] [pumpkin cake] for Sohu and the Mid Autumn Festival beautiful enough to feast the eyes of mooncake is imported from Hongkong inland, called " mooncake " the main reason is the way to make it different from the traditional moon cake. Because all traditional moon cakes are made of syrup, the color is golden yellow. Which part of the raw mooncake is glutinous rice cakes, began with the appearance is white, is stored in the refrigerator, stored in the freezer for sale. After the cake came to the mainland, improved delicacy enthusiasts, making a riotous with colour snowy moon cake, said the master in folk, really, you look at the Internet search, will come out all kinds of mooncake practices and formula, and high value of color riotous with colour mooncake pictures, is really more beautiful there are many beautiful. I play in the initial baking time, did the snowy moon cake, at that time, relatives and friends are very love my snowy moon cake, but due to its short shelf life and must be kept refrigerated, every time I do very little, in recent years, more and more busy, do more with less this time, in response to customer requirements, to organize the party, I had ice cakes. The pumpkin stuffed, because the nutritional value of pumpkin, and its super beautiful colors, more suitable for the autumn season, love yourself with color, do not think the United States can not, this is just a try, in addition to the customer to eat, rest to his daughter, although the color is relatively small, the daughter is still very love and happy ice skin ingredients: 80 grams of glutinous rice flour, sticky Rice noodles 65 grams, flour (wheat starch) 40 grams, 360 grams of milk, 90 grams of sugar, salad oil 40ML, fried glutinous rice powder filling pumpkin: Pumpkin 1000 grams, sugar 80 grams, 70 grams of salad oil. The production process: 1. To make pumpkin pie, pumpkin peeled steamed into the mud pressure, wok, add sugar and salad oil frying, forming cool standby, according to the production of pumpkin pie (fried stuffing process no pictures) 2, the production of moon cake skin In a pot, pour in milk, sugar, salad mix. 3, into the glutinous rice flour, sticky Rice noodles, weicheng. Stir into batter, batter 4, stir well and set aside for 30 minutes, and then into the steamer, steam can be cooked for 20 minutes. 5, steamed batter, stirring with chopsticks hard to smooth. And wait for it to cool. 6, after cooling, according to skin: filling =5.5:4.5, split. If you want to add color, can add ice and knead skin pigment. When the package in the hands of anti sticking beat cake flour, then the skin on the palm of the hand crushed ice, put a piece of pumpkin pie. 7, use ice skin wrap pumpkin pie, and slowly pushed upward, until the stuffing all wrapped in the mouth. 8, in the mold to sprinkle some stir fried cake flour, so that the cake powder evenly stuck in the mold wall, and then pour out the excess cake powder. This can facilitate stripping. Then put the wrapped dough into the mold, with the palm of the compacted. 9, the moon cake mold and then pour out the hard knock out, snowy moon cake is done. 10, do a good job of moon cake into the refrigerator, cold night hair相关的主题文章: