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[together] will be a full moon, a food together to celebrate the Mid Autumn Festival is Xiamen – Sohu and in particular, in half a month before the holidays, is ready to Bo activities. The restaurant also launched the Mid Autumn Festival package, combined with Bo festive greeting the coming mid autumn festival. On the eve of the Mid Autumn Festival, a few small partners meet early in the Mid Autumn Festival, and carpenter food has launched a variety of Mid Autumn Festival package, we count the early experience. A food is located in billion Bao building door, little shops, only three rooms, need to make reservations in advance, to identify the menu in advance. Although small, but clever. There is not too much luxury, everything is simple. Here today, to eat this year’s first moon cake, though not particularly love moon cake, but also to the holidays. The complimentary dish, salad tripe, radish skin salad, now it has used the radish radish skin directly, and there is still radish skin, tasty, crispy entrance. Autumn weather is hot, rich in amino acids of Tricholoma matsutake stewed Teal Clams Soup in this season can give people more nourishing! Taste of duck sweet, cold and calm, have the effect of Nourishing Yin, autumn is also particularly suitable for drink duck soup. Sand shrimp is delicious, usually boiled, fried shrimp paste and the sand shrimp is another flavor, sauce is salty sand taste, got fried sand shrimp in taste fresh, salty, with a little wine but right then. Steamed crab is often Green bean noodle dish, and the black rice steamed crab is the first time to eat, high nutritional value of black rice, fresh juice with the crab’s entrance, soft waxy and delicious, but also delicious crab is higher than three. Seafood noodles have been eating and not a staple food? A hot taste, natural needless to say. The fish is delicious fish oil with gentian sliced, tick bone, steamed the entrance temperature happens, fresh, smooth, on the plate is more exquisite. A good dish notch, ginger sauce pork is Denmark new flagship food, pork is not soft rotten, with Jiang Xiang, Q shells and chewy, either wine or rice are very good. The old pot so simple Luffa clam collocation, make sure this autumn has more nourishing soup, towel gourd into the old razor to a bowl of fresh, natural is delicious. The tubular hollowed out, then add some more fried small Vegetable & Fruit Vegetable & Fruit company rolls, crisp and tender, fresh crisp, good taste. The pie looks like bread and cake, soft cotton medium, no matter how young and old love it. Boiled clam worm was the first time to eat a worm boiled, boiled the worm with a hint of spicy flavor, more lovable than clam. Soy and vegetable food maker Name: Address: No. 328 Hubin billion Building 1 floor: 100 Tel: 0592-5152517 per capita相关的主题文章: