Tsinghua graduate record a history of the most expensive divorce his wife take the market value of 7-googims

Tsinghua graduate A the history of the most expensive divorce his wife take the market value of 7 billion 500 million hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to guide you with entries you earn can make you the secret, the reporter Qin falls in the actual controller editor Quan Zeyuan Kunlun the world wide web or will create the most expensive divorce you, only the transfer of equity value reached 7 billion yuan, the final couple of shares of listed companies on the basic points. Previously, A shares on the market’s most expensive divorce breakup fee of 2 billion 400 million yuan. Kunlun wanwei revealed today, according to the "Beijing Haidian District people’s Court Civil Mediation", Zhou Yahui and Li Qiongdacheng on the division of property agreement, Zhou Yahui will directly hold the Kunlun World Wide Web 207 million shares split transfer to the name of Li Qiong, Zhou Yahui will hold its Yingrui century paid in capital of 946 thousand and 400 yuan of transfer to the division under the name of Li Qiong. Rui Ying century Kunlun wanwei indirectly holds 200 million shares, Li Qiong Ying Rui century by dividing the paid up capital of indirect access to the Kunlun World Wide Web 70 million 540 thousand shares, the shares owned by Li Qiong since the date of transfer. This part of the transfer of equity value of up to 7 billion yuan. Kunlun the latest price of 25.33 yuan, the number of transfer equity amounted to 277 million 540 thousand shares, corresponding to the market value of 7 billion 30 million yuan. According to the report of changes in Li Qiong disclosure rights by Li Qiong had Yingrui century Kunlun web indirectly holds 20 million 40 thousand shares, representing 1.7780% of total share capital, the equity split after the transfer is completed, the total holdings of Li Qiong Kunlun web 298 million shares, the total share capital of the listed company 26.4361%. With the latest stock price calculation, the value of this stake reached 7 billion 548 million yuan. From the shareholding ratio of listed companies, Zhou Yahui and Li Qiong’s property should be". According to the disclosure, the division of shares after the transfer, Zhou Yahui together hold Kunlun web 298 million shares, accounting for 26.4379% of the total shares, Li Qiong holding more than only about 20 thousand shares of the "fraction". May be in order to maintain the stability of listed companies, Zhou Yahui will still be the actual controller of the world wide web in Kunlun. Notice that, after the changes in equity, Zhou Yahui directly holds 188 million shares of Kunlun World Wide Web, as a general partner Ying Rui century indirectly controlled 200 million shares, so Zhou Yahui total control of Kunlun web 388 million shares, representing 34.4745% of total share capital, the changes in equity will not cause the change of the actual controller Kunlun web. In addition, at the beginning of 2015, when the Kunlun World Wide Web, Zhou Yahui had promised not to be held within 36 months, the commitment period to the year of January 21, 2018. Li Qiong promised to continue to comply with the above commitments, while the commitment of the next twelve months, the world’s largest stake in Kunlun. The Kunlun is currently one of the most sought after game companies, the latest market value of about 28 billion 600 million yuan. With more than 50% in Kunlun wanwei holdings, Zhou Yahui and his wife on the list of "2016 Hurun global rich list" Young Turks start empty-handed, on the相关的主题文章: