U.S. House of Representatives intelligence committee released a report approved by Snowden was refut kairui

The United States House of Representatives intelligence committee released a report by the group of Snowden counter – Sohu news Beijing in September 16, according to Russian media reports, the United States House of Representatives Intelligence Committee 15, released a report on Snowden, Snowden said to the national security of the United States caused heavy losses. In addition, the statement also said that Snowden suffered a broken leg and did not complete the basic military training, and that he forged the performance appraisal. Snowden denies. The committee released a short summary of the 4 page Snowden campaign report in September 15th. Among them, most of the information stolen by Snowden involves military and defense secrets, and has nothing to do with the lives of American citizens. The paper pointed out that Snowden caused a significant loss of national security. Data figure: the United States massive surveillance program secret Snowden. According to the authors of the report said that Snowden lied because its leg fracture without completing the basic military training, but in fact he is leg pain. In addition, Snowden was accused of falsifying the performance appraisal and stealing answers during the employer’s tests. Snowden wrote on the social networking site: "statement that I ‘fake performance’ evaluation? This is a surprising statement, given the weakness of the CIA’s annual performance appraisal system vulnerable to hacking." Snowden also pointed out that he had retired in the rehabilitation department in front for several weeks, and "her crutches" left. He said: leg pain is not to do so." Data figure: Edward? Snowden. Snowden in June 2013 to the Washington Post and the guardian transmitted confidential information on the U.S. and British intelligence network monitoring program. Since then, Russia has provided a temporary asylum to Snowden for a year, on condition that he terminates the invasion of the United states. In August 1, 2014, Snowden won a 3 year residency, which enabled him to travel not only in Russia but also in russia.相关的主题文章: