Uber automatic drive version of Volvo XC90 in Pittsburgh to start testing – Sohu car demonophobia

To test the original link in Pittsburgh – Sohu automobile automatic driving version of Volvo XC90 Uber: micro signal: start the test according to foreign media reports in Pittsburgh Volvo XC90 GeekCar Uber version of the autopilot, seen Uber autopilot version of Volvo XC90 in Pittsburgh at the beginning of the test, the specific location is at the entrance of the campus of Carnegie Mellon University. In August this year, Uber signed a cooperation agreement with Volvo, Uber will buy 100 Volvo cars for automatic driving test. Uber believes that Volvo’s excellent security is conducive to help companies develop automatic driving cars. Don’t just take someone else’s car for a test. Geely released a new commercial vehicle brand "remote" today, Geely released a new commercial vehicle brand "remote". At the same time, the new brand’s first pure electric light card remote E200 and the first pure electric bus remote E12 has also been unveiled. The maximum power of E200 is 100kW, the maximum torque is 800Nm. And another electric bus remote E12 is equipped with remote real-time monitoring, vehicle scheduling management and road warning functions. BYD? Your opponent is here. Otto driverless truck completed the first time on the road, according to foreign media reports, Uber’s Otto company completed the first driverless Truck Commercial transport. They transported 45 thousand cans of Budweiser to a warehouse, the transportation of the entire journey of 193 kilometers, Otto also received a $470 transportation remuneration. A spokesman for the Otto said that the driverless truck driver took over the steering wheel only when the vehicle was on the ramp, while the rest of the truck was fully automatic. The true value of the $470 Budweiser. Liu Qing hopes to expand internationally by travel recently, Liu Qing in the 2016 WSJDLive global technology conference said they want to travel in the Chinese drops outside the market continues to expand, and seize global market share. Didi is currently being evaluated should enter what new markets, if the local car company strength enough, drops is likely to cooperate with them. Otherwise, drops will compete with them. The global car companies are shivering. In this paper, GeekCar original works are welcome. Reproduced please indicate the author at the beginning of the article and source from GeekCar, and attached to the original link, shall not modify the original content, otherwise we will report processing, thank you for your cooperation! GeekCar, automotive technology, new media, focusing on smart cars, car networking, new energy and other cutting-edge automotive technology and products, is committed to making traffic life better. Welcome to our WeChat public number, please search WeChat account: GeekCar相关的主题文章: