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Home-Appliances Use Ozone for an Infinitely Cleaner Hot Tub Spa Ozone is a funny thing. Ozone, the naturally-occurring cousin to oxygen (oxygen is O2, ozone is O3), is both harmful and helpful, depending on where it is and with what it is in contact. Its essentially toxic, yet in many cases it offers protection from other more harmful things. Everyone knows about the ozone layer, of course, or rather the hole in the ozone layer, which impedes the ozone layers ability to protect the earths fragile atmosphere from the suns destructive ultraviolet rays. Ozone at ground level, however, has itself been known to damage plants and animals, and breathing ozone causes exacerbated symptoms in asthmatics. And when sunlight hits air that is polluted with nitrogen oxide and hydrocarbons, ozone is formed as a greenhouse gas. Yet, ozone is also utilized by humans for many purposes. The food industry uses it to kill bacteria, mold and yeast on grains and produce. Hospitals and care facilities use it to disinfect laundry. Water treatment facilities use it to eliminate parasites like giardia. Large ozone generators are used to decontaminate empty rooms and buildings, including hospital operating rooms. You can buy an ozone-generating air purifier for your home. It has been shown to reduce the presences of food-borne pathogens like salmonella up to 99.99%. Ozone is even used to remove the smell of char from fabrics after a fire. One of the primary uses of ozone is in pools and spas hot tubs to sanitize the water. It also acts as a catalyst for other sanitizers, allowing for the use of lesser quantities of the harsher chemicals chlorine and bromine by 50-70%. Used in conjunction with those other .pounds in this way, ozone less of a poison and more of a cure, safely sanitizing air and water with much more efficiency than chemicals alone. And the sanitization occurs much more rapidly. The after effects of the use of ozone to purify the water in a hot tub spa or a pool are positive in two ways not only are the microbes, namely odor-causing bacteria (legionella), viruses, algae, molds, spores, cysts, and yeasts) efficiently eliminated, but also there is no chemical residue left over from the ozone, which greatly improves the smell (and taste) of the sanitized water. Less chemical residue reduces irritation to eyes and skin and leaves the water purer and clearer. Ozonated (but not chlorinated) water can even be safely used in garden plants. For this reason ozone has been used to partially replace harsher chemicals in detergents and soaps (including bleach) more and more over the last 100 years. By reducing the chlorine and bromine used, ozone also reduces those chemicals corrosive effects on the equipment used for pools and spas hot tubs. Ozone generators, or ozonators, can be used to create an electrical discharge, or corona discharge, to actually create ozone in the water, thus purifying it to a great extent before any chemicals are used at all. Then when the chemicals are added, in much smaller amounts than would be necessary without the ozone, the water is purified with vastly increased efficiency and speed. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: