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Usually make up only 5 minutes? They do that herself self subscription number: selfcomcn we often teach you choose painting eye makeup, lip color, but there are still a lot of buddy complained, why learn so much we still cannot draw the star as makeup? Are they usually professional makeup artist in painting, we can not learn? Or to draw a makeup that they have to spend 1 or 2 hours? This is not sympathetic to the sufferings of the people ", recently stars Po out of their makeup video, like beauty bloggers as to their own makeup step by step on the very detailed, even" white makeup "to follow a step by step to imitate, can easily learn! Left: in 2009 2016 the first phase of the [88] beauty bestie early face critical tasks lead contradiction? The first is Victoria! Beckham, Beckham can be said to be a new era of female model can be responsible for the beautiful flowers, but also responsible for the breadwinner of. She has a happy family, but also to the business management is full of sound and colour. The most cattle, 40+ age, the birth of 4 Baby and several roles in her maintenance with a young man, so many years she looks almost 0 changes, even more and more young. To say that Beckham in skin care, it is willing to spend money! When she went to Japan, she heard the local people say that the Nightingale droppings can be beauty, and later New York beauty salon after the introduction of this therapy, she immediately ran to try. It is said that the mixed guano extract and rice bran, hot water and so do mask. The price is 135 pounds. In addition, Beckham also tried to contain the sheep placenta and gold mask. It’s more expensive. It costs 320 pounds! People in private is also "hard skin care"! See Beckham mask also wearing sunglasses pose. The photo of her with a layer of silver foil membrane small brown bottle of mask. In addition to proper maintenance, skin tight, and her unique "Bayesian makeup is affected by a lot of girls, especially women’s favorite occupation! Carefully read photos you will find, for so many years, her hair style has been changed, but only the makeup can be said to be spoiled by the million years! To say why so many years she has been dedicated to this makeup, naturally for a reason! Victoria Beckham 5 minutes to go out makeup first, now girls really hard! Not only to take the children, take care of the family, but also to make money, every day in the bustling about, every day before going out only 5 minutes to squeeze to make up. But Beckham said she’s this makeup look particularly simple, fast, 5 minutes enough makeup! Secondly, the makeup is very useful, send their children to school, go to work, and even friends attended the dinner is OK, is the absolute "all-match makeup", so it is no wonder Beckham on it so special pet! Makeup appeal: step is simple and fast, all-match classic makeup. Can be used with all clothing, to deal with all occasions. Key Makeup: 1, "Beckham" signs, all-match never smoked slim 2 Classic error nude lip 3, let you instantly stereo, Guangcaizhaoren high light, 1 "Beckham" signs of slim smoked first with dark brown eye shadow painted eye wheel ~相关的主题文章: