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Alert: hidden killer high uric acid doctor told you health alert: know the hidden killer patients with high uric acid Wuhan pu’ai hospital Yang Guiyun suffering from gout nephropathy, purine deposition in the body, easy to produce uric acid; long-term high uric acid will damage the kidneys, even cause uremia. However, the restriction of high purine intake, kidney damage may still occur. This is because we do not realize that excessive intake of processed foods containing fructose is also very dangerous. Fructose is a kind of monosaccharide that is added to sweet drinks, cakes and candies. The results showed that fructose has the potential to induce the increase of uric acid, blood pressure and blood lipid. Therefore, you should limit the intake of sweet drinks, cakes and sweets, as well as fruits and honey. How to achieve "the old tooth" downtown Wuhan Hospital Department of Stomatology, Mr. Fang Teng "old" is a normal phenomenon? The alveolar bone of the elderly may have physiological absorption and degradation, but it will not cause the teeth to loose or fall off. The "old" and the tooth is because of the emergence of periodontal disease. Teeth like trees, gums and alveolar bone below the big tree and the survival of the soil, the early symptoms of periodontitis is not easy to detect, neither painful nor itching, resulting in disease development, "tree" of the soil around the roots continue to drain, lead exposure, soil root separation, the final teeth fall. The early symptoms of periodontal disease often concealed, bleeding gums and oral odor, easy to be mistaken for the "fire", do not get timely treatment. Therefore, we suggest that sooner or later carefully brushing teeth, maintain oral hygiene, regular hospital, is expected to accompany a lifetime of permanent teeth. Scalp wound suture not long hair? Hospitals to Wuhan Central Hospital Department of Neurosurgery, Chen Zhi scalp injury, the doctor advised suture wounds, some people are reluctant to crack, because I heard the needle wound not long hair". Is it true? In fact, the scalp injury will not grow hair, mainly depends on the extent of injury. The scalp can be divided into the epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous tissue, subcutaneous tissue containing large amounts of adipose tissue, hair follicle and hair ball, if injured deep subcutaneous tissue, or infection, can damage the hair follicle, hair loss, hair can not grow normally. As for the pollution of the wound, in a timely manner to do debridement suture, removal of necrotic tissue, can promote hair follicle repair, reduce the risk of hair follicle infection caused by secondary damage, but is conducive to hair growth. The application of neuronavigation brain biopsy in Wuhan Central Hospital Department of Neurosurgery bear Anker SD implementation of biopsy in our hospital department of Neurosurgery successful application of neural navigation technology is an example of a brain tumor patient. The patient has been diagnosed as "pain due to intracranial tumors, but the tumors located in the brain, and the unknown nature, whether I shilly-shally surgery patients. Li Jun, director of the division for him to design a personalized minimally invasive treatment program – neuronavigation brain biopsy. Neuronavigation is known as the "brain" of GPS, for the accurate localization of intracranial lesions refers to the neurosurgeon. Precise positioning by neuronavigation, the final result of the patient does not need surgery. The first case of neuronavigation brain puncture surgery of brain biopsy in neuronavigation for the province to carry out the. Compared with the traditional craniotomy, it provides more safe and reliable treatment for patients, shorten the hospitalization time and save the cost of treatment. Do you think paronychia.相关的主题文章: