VR PS cheaper also do not worry to buy! Let’s see if you’re going to be spat seaway

VR PS cheaper also do not worry to buy! To see if you will be playing Tuwen digital Tencent Su Yang SONY released PS VR at GDC in March this year, it is the privilege of becoming the first to experience SONY virtual reality products users, when queuing experience developers, media reporters are huge crowds of people. At the beginning of the official experience area is prohibited to take photographs, until July, the domestic media open experience, SONY is the caliber try not to put out the relevant picture in advance, but it still could not withstand the cable fans mining PS VR message through various channels of enthusiasm. Hold up in more than 7 months later, PS VR finally went on sale, but no matter how crazy, as consumers should also consider these practical questions below. Can not say conscience, but the price is really cheap compared to HTC Vive and Oculus Rift two opponents, PS VR is the most eye-catching price. Conscience, many consumers have become the first impression of PS VR, which is a good result, but it may be that SONY is not willing to see, after all, SONY’s eyes is not the price of the highlights. Why say VR PS cheap? PS VR line version of the single price of 2999 yuan, the basic package (PS VR+PS Camera) priced at $3299, Camera+PS (PS VR+PS Move) priced at $3699. In contrast, HTC Vive’s price is 6888 yuan, Oculus Rift CV1 is not on sale in the country, the official price of $599 (about 4058 yuan), a separate controller for $199 (about 1348 yuan), add up the price also exceeded 5400 yuan. More importantly, these two products also need a high-performance PC to drive, the overall cost of basic more than $10 thousand, SONY all of a sudden harvest of the following 4000 yuan PC level VR market. It is said that PS VR can only play the game, but now this stage, I am afraid that HTC Vive, Oculus Rift value is basically reflected in the game market, right? The so-called productivity function is not, at this stage three who can not give. So, are playing games, with the lowest cost of PS VR into the threshold of virtual reality is not necessarily a good thing, of course, please ignore this a nouveau riche. Cable powder to give developers a little time to some extent, SONY is still going to engage in hunger marketing, at least objectively caused such a result. Released in March, October before the sale, is waiting for the user’s appetite for hanging up, so a computerized see four shortage. As for why from the launch to the sale, a period of over 7 months, SONY’s response is "waiting", the developers are not ready. This means that the March launch of PS VR is entirely in order to catch the GDC train, after all the opponents at this point almost all be on sale, but hurried after 7 months, the developers still can not completely keep pace. When listed on sale, the official statement.相关的主题文章: