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Walking to eat, drink and eat, brush all over micro-blog’s Steak cup also came! Sohu has been eating and drinking, I have a good impression of Baotou Wanda from there will be a lot of trendy food. So this time is no exception, it is to eat fried yogurt, accidentally discovered that such a small shop was actually on the legendary steak cup". For me this micro-blog, the moment was captured, it drops the appearance of soul steak is absolutely outstanding this year’s Cup yen value competition, micro-blog has been brush half good Dongdong I finally in Baotou. Of course, it is hard to look at the name of the steak and the cup together, so today I want to explain to you about this in the end is what ~ ~ ~ let us speak of simple Cu bursts when I have a steak and steak is not caught in the Hamburg when I was a second a cup of cup of juice when I was "PPAP" brainwashing well, steak cup was born. Think of the inventor must be a steak control + a small cup of integrated control of the monster, or always want to make a hand basin circle is not necessarily. And bestie together, sitting in the Milky Way square, looking at a lot of traffic coming, number 1, 2… 3, AI, said the count to 3? Steak + salad + fries, this is the capital of the standard. With butter Australia imported filet steak fry, a type of cut into blocks, then topped with sauce. Black pepper sauce sauce may not be so simple, there is also a mix of black garlic sauce, it tastes more rich. Can the United States and the United States big meat ~ GG is MM collocation steak fries, some people think that in order to increase the yen value, but for people who like to eat fries, it is not less attractive than steak. The bottom of the cup with a salad with fried crisp, refreshing taste in a crisp aftertaste. Use it to base is good, because eat a salad will make your mouth feel more refreshing! All kinds of drinks can the yellow cup, steak on the cup just buckle set aside a Straw hole, which is designed to meet our walking and eating while drinking desire drop ~ if you don’t want to eat steak and seafood shop, cup. This feeling really is a all-match cup, no matter what you eat, can give you put in. In addition to shrimp and seafood cup cod block, fried cod must be eaten while hot, cold or dry. It’s not so delicious! If you think that this steak steak is too small, the nunchaku Corsair’s for you. Steak more, is also equipped with two delicious roast sausage. Cuttlefish sausage ~ & wine standard is two with a single, can also be. I recommend the cuttlefish sausage, tucked inside a lot of cuttlefish tablets, chewing up creak, neither nor flirtatious than those who eat a lot of sausage! Holding a cup of steak, walking in the heavy traffic in the city, a brilliant yellow will make us feel more warm. Whether it is love or steak, enjoy this cool idea.相关的主题文章: