Wang Meng’s adaptation of Wang Feng Li Jing kissing Eric Moo from Sohu Entertainment christie stevens

Wang Meng’s adaptation of Wang Feng Li Jing kissing Eric Moo from Sohu Li Yugang entertainment Sohu poplar entertainment news China first file original comedy show "comedy cross-border cross-border competition king" will be held this Saturday night at 22:30 in the second round qualifier. This episode will be a total of two votes, the most votes of the players to qualify for the finals. Last week, Kenji Wu turned tenderness prince, staged warm heart version for you to write poetry, not only to join a lot of comedy elements, skilled acting and sincere emotion is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, successfully won the three title. This week the crossover star will face more "cruel" into the five test, have also resorted to the killer, "king of comedy" exhibition in cross stage. Which group of players will perform "deus ex" successful promotion? To second finalists.     Li Yugang turned "Chaoyang people" northeast firepower played Li Yugang order "Millennium first" and poplar forest, in the opening to a blow". The incarnation of Li Yugang Zhu Geliang played with poplar heroes in a troubled time, the viceroy Sima Yi launched a fierce battle of wits. Show Li Yugang turned universal "Chaoyang people", probe into the internal enemy, the lip gun and viceroy of words, with the northeast dialect gave each other a comeback last is to be taken by surprise, to defeat the enemy defensive success. This is also the first time Li Yugang challenge costume men, as the main character of the show, a large number of lines for him is not a small test. A new interpretation of the classic "kongchengji", two people not only wits Gexianshentong, is through the reversal of the plot to let the audience address him enjoyable. Show the end of the interview, Li Yugang also said to borrow "cross-border comedy king" stage so they have more breakthrough, also jokingly said that he had used a "field force". Li Yugang in the end what kind of breakthrough? Let us lock this issue of cross-border comedy king, and look forward to his wonderful performance. Sun Nan Bai Kainan Sun Nan as migrant workers show Dalian taste of English in this period in Sun Nan’s play competition, also starred in "nature" to the audience left a deep impression. When the work force to solicit business in the labor market, but also the partnership partner Kennan white do hit the wall, "Ali hit", "self reliant to the pinnacle of life". Not only play exciting again and again, Sun Nan also gave the audience singing portrait as welfare. Not only do the work force at Sun Nan, a tutor, hairdressing is be nothing difficult. In the same work force white Kennan Sun Nan had to create all sorts of obstacles, reluctantly diverted, not only the field show their "sun’s English", also did not forget to show their talents, directly on a fashion show, even the audience shouted: "I never thought you are so versatile Sun Nan!" Sun Nan for this performance is also very heart, admit childhood dreams, in the face of difficulties to solve, but also its competitors Huang Xiaolei praise. Want to feel Sun Nan’s amazing charm, it must not miss this week’s show. Eric Moo Li Jing Eric Moo Jie Li Jing playing the spirit of Zhao Wei Eric Moo film routine sketch the continuation of the previous period "" the sound of the universe.相关的主题文章: