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Want to treasure less sick? 7 tips to get a good deal – Sohu mother wanted to treasure less sick? 7 tips for receiving good these days, N and N looked at the small treasure, every day in and out of the hospital…… Bao Jian is healthy and ingood health growth, is the biggest wish of every Ma, in other words, you have to treasure less sick Oh, uh, want less sick in fact is not so difficult, 7 secrets away. Good food makes a good body — rough Baba even knew is closely related to health food, eat more green pollution-free food is good for health, delicate baby healthy process, it cannot do without all the good food, good food, will not bring the good bacteria out of the body and the people therefore, that is not it? The good news is that recent nutrition has a significant progress, is to return to breastfeeding, especially advocate breastfeeding continue into toddlerhood, at that time, some of the main diseases of treasure has been significantly reduced, after mom worry, there will be fewer. To breast milk for so long? Well, but good breast drugs, reduce allergy and reduce infection in these 2 aspects, has a magical effect: Breastfeeding treasure if diarrhea or intestinal infection, might reject milk, but will definitely receive breast milk; drink milk treasure, rarely diarrhea, even diarrhea, vomiting and diarrhea to need medical attention that in general, do not move. In short, breastfeeding can help treasure away from the hospital, take the diarrhea, drink formula milk treasure once severe diarrhea, milk will stop drinking or drink diluted, when the little guy uncomfortable simply refuse to bottle, in order not to let the treasure can only go to a hospital dehydration. Breast milk laugh without words, even if the treasure is sick, according to drink not wrong, even diarrhea, generally do not have to stop breastfeeding. In addition to health, breast milk can let the treasure treasure more comfortable, when sick or in pain, numb nipple is the best comfort, and stimulate the secretion by sucking maternal hormones, but also help mom more tender care treasure. Isolation baby and bacteria — treasure can not live in a sterile environment, but some unnecessary contact, or a free bar, Baba mama as reasonably practicable, don’t let the treasure and bacteria play together. Like diarrhea and cold, most love do is treasure buddy in evildoing, if caught, or they recovered let treasure play together, so the kindergarten, strict rules and regulations, isolation of patients with latent infectious disease treasure, the truth is here, let more treasure to pay attention to it. The game room is no exception. Purify the air good air, good breath. With air pollutants and smoke, how far, to stimulate the treasure sensitive respiratory tract, let treasure secrete mucus, you know, bacteria love breeding in the nose, sinuses and respiratory secretions. Is the nose sensitive? Household pollutants such as perfume, hair gel, tail gas, decoration dust, etc., be sure to avoid. Do not smoke in front of the treasure – refused to second-hand smoke.相关的主题文章: