Wearing Jade Jewelry Cure Diseases And Promote Longevity-ca1871

Business A jadeite is a traditional popular ornament. Due to its variety of hues and extraordinary hardness, many customers wear Jade jewelry as ornaments. The basic raw materials of a jadeite consist of 49 .mon colors. The reason why a jadeite has so many colors is that there are different types of chemical elements in a jadeite. The research results so far prove that a jadeite is .posed of about 58% silicon dioxide, around 23% aluminum oxide, approximately 13% sodium oxidize, 1% calcium oxidize, a small quantity of magnesium oxide and ferric oxide and some impurities such as chromium and nickel. Wearing Jade jewelry can not only function as ornaments, but also promote the physical health of the human beings. 1.The modern research finds out that belief would exert an indescribable force on the human beings. It is such might of belief that makes the human beings believe the specific function bringing good fortunes and expelling the evil of the Jade jewelry. After wearing a jade jewelry, people would feel calm and .fortable psychologically. They will neither anxious nor impatient, in contrast, they would feel spiritually delightful. Therefore, a jadeite is natural to be beneficial to the physical health of the human beings. 2.A jadeite is natural jade with good thermal conductivity. When touching, it feels cool. Wearing it for a long time could reduce the body temperature of the contacting part, which can promote the blood circulation and invigorates the flow of blood. It is beneficial for the sufferers of high blood pressure, stoke, heart disease and numbness of arms. 3.It can be considered as a body-fitting device to strengthen the body. The plays such as jadeite balls can relax the muscles and bones after long-time turning in ones hands. 4. Jade jewelry own the microelements that are helpful for the human body. Long-term direct contact with the skin could regulate the internal secretion of the human body and thus to balance the Yin and Yang in the body. 5.Jade jewelry can bring good body-feeling for you which can strengthen your feeling about the things around you which can make your mood smooth all the time.The good mood can let you enjoy and appreciate the beauty invisible to you before.What jade jewelry bring you is not just visible nourishment but invisible spirit nourishment you can hold and appreciate. so what you own is not just one precious jewelry but one invisible health carring mineral that care your daily body to bring luck and wealth for you. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: