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WeChat small program development, look at this article is enough to click on the top of the "know the program" to learn the latest information on the small program WeChat. If you want to develop a small program, you must first learn a set of WeChat special development language. In order to let everyone to use this language, the official WeChat provides a very detailed documentation: if you don’t have time to read, there is a time-saving alternative: Awareness Program (micro signal zxcx0101) for an official document development super condensed version of Jane, not only all the key information of official documents the length of the original and only 1/3. As long as you read this article, you can quickly start small program development. Note: This article is suitable for people who have some programming basics. If you want to learn a small program based on zero, please continue to pay attention to know the program (micro signal zxcx0101) follow-up. Small program official development documents to interpret the language and documents WeChat small program development and other platforms to develop the biggest difference lies in: the development of the language and the use of WeChat documents are very special. Small procedures used by the file type can be divided into the following categories: in terms of language, a small program seems to redefine a set of standards. But in reality, they are not much different from the "front three pieces" – HTML, CSS, and Java. Here, we compare the small program development language and the "three sets" front end what similarities and differences in language, a small program to complete the learning cost front-end development the lowest line, but this does not mean that all front-end developers can seamless migration. If you are turned to the small program from the front-end development, they need to pay attention to the two points: the 1 basic logic interface to build WXML and WXSS two file is a small program interface element declaration and style description file. The most important feature of WXML is to connect the interface elements in the view (view), and through the program logic (AppService), the information is updated in real-time to the visual layer. View is similar to the div element in HTML. In the time of construction, view can be nested, view can be placed in any visual elements. It should be noted that once the elements beyond the screen, the user can not see, and this is a big difference with the HTML. For example, we imagine the phone screen as a stage, the actors outside the stage can not be seen by the audience. Small program has a special view for scrolling. If you want to interface is a free rolling interface (such as list etc.), you can use the scroll-view view, WXSS will be the size of adjustment for the entire screen, and set the scroll-y (scroll down) or scroll-x (rolling around) for true. Small program can not directly use DOM control WXML elements. If need to enter.相关的主题文章: