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Weight-Loss Before many years I had got some bad health issues. High blood sugar, hypertension, backache, bowel problems and many many more – almost all. Just like all others, I also thought that they "just happened" without any reason and were not at all easy to cure. I was very surprised when, on a visit to a new doctor, I was told that my weight was my biggest problem. Sure, I was slightly overweight, but so are most Americans, so I didn’t think that it was anything to be concerned about. My new doctor, however, disagreed, and was trying to tell me that being overweight was causing all of my health problems. The new doctor explained that having a weight of just a few pounds above normal leads to huge changes in the body’s ability to properly store glucogen. The most important source of energy on the cellular level is glucose. Therefore, our overall health is harmed when glucose absorption is reduced. Increased blood pressure, digestive problems, aches and pains, and even type II diabetes can all be caused by problems storing glucogen. If your body’s ability to absorb glucose is impaired, you may start to feel generally "blah" – sleepy, cranky, and out-of-sorts – without an apparent cause. The weight loss cure will solve the glucogen difficulties of people struggling with their weight. Kevin Trudeau discovered that if you eat the proper .bination of certain carbs, do some simple daily exercises, and take some natural vitamins, your glucogen issues will be solved. This system of weight loss that he created, which quickly became very beneficial to me, has been proven to have three important benefits to your body. First, this weight loss cure helps to regulate glucogen storage system, ensuring that it is in working order. Second, this weight loss cure aids the immune system, strengthening it and helping it work more and process more glucose. Lastly, the natural supplements he has developed aid in the absorption of nutrients by the stomach and intestines, making them less likely to bring on problems with glucose. After following the weight loss system for only three months, thanks to my new doctor, I not only started over.ing my severe health problems, but I also started feeling like I had more energy than I had ever had before! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: