Welcome the groom wedding ceremony in Nanchong printing for the people and friends dumbfounded (vide-8l9840

Welcome the groom wedding ceremony in Nanchong printing for the people and friends was Nanchong (micro-blog) news (reporter Xu Siqian) November 9th at noon, a hotel in Pengan (micro-blog) County Road Wenjun staged together annoying things, wedding Yingbin printing panels, the bride or the groom and the bride, but by another person. Reporters learned that, after the couple’s family members and the advertising agency theory requires compensation, but the two sides deadlocked, one party reported to the police. It was reported that Mr Li introduced, November 9th at noon, he after passing through Pengan County Road Wenjun found strange, a large crowd gathered together in theory, the two sides deadlocked. Lee said that after the inquiry with the parties learned that the original November 9th is the two day of the new couple, and held a wedding in the hotel. However, outside the hotel painted panels, due to negligence, the groom was replaced by another person. "This is really embarrassing, it makes all the guests and relatives and friends are silly eyes." Mr. Li said, this scene must have two people had a knot. It is understood that in the wedding, in order to do welcome panels, two new parents provide new photos to the wedding company, the groom’s photos were all wrong photo of another man, but has not been found. Then the wedding company arrange related personnel of the printing production, due to the negligence of no couple photo review, just make a joke. For this, the reporter called the Pengan County Public Security Bureau of Dongcheng police station, the police police confirmed the authenticity of the message to reporters. Reporters learned that, after police coordination, the two sides have reached an agreement, the company gave a corresponding advertising wedding compensation. Editor’s note: the video has nothing to do with the original, only to expand the reading day ah! This is what I have seen the most letinous edodes wedding photos, the groom angry!相关的主题文章: