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What are the ten most famous green tea in China? – Review: a Sohu and we have introduced you to ten Black Tea Chinese most famous, see Dong Yue said tea released "the ten China Black Tea, 96% friends do not know, or add a public number: dyshuocha view. We will continue to introduce the ten most famous green tea in china. In China people is life, tea plays an essential role in the later development will have a "daily necessities daily necessaries tea" saying. Green tea production process is relatively simple, easy access to the people, and gradually become the majority of Chinese people is a daily drink. Open the China map, we will be very surprised to find that the larger Green Tea such as West Lake Longjing Tea, Anji white tea, Xinyang Maojian tea, Huang Shanmao Feng, Lu’an Guapian, Taiping Houkui, Mount Lu Dongting, Spring Snail cloud, Tuyun Maojian tea, Sichuan bamboo etc. these famous origin are evenly distributed in the north latitude near 30°. . West Lake Longjing Tea can be traced back to the Tang Dynasty by Lu Yu, "the tea" mentioned in the Hangzhou Tianzhu temple, Lingyin Temple tea. West Lake, Longjing began in the Song Dynasty, Yu Yuan, Yang Ming, Sheng Yu qing. During the period of Republic of China, has become the first Chinese tea. West Lake Longjing Tea produced in Zhejiang Hangzhou West Lake Shifeng, wengjiashan, tiger, Mei Jiawu, Yunxi, Lingyin area mountains, these areas are Longjing tea producing areas in a region, other areas outside of West Lake, also from Longjing, in stage two. Production process West Lake Longjing Tea, is Green Tea chaoqing. Dry tea show tender, flat is emerald green, with tiger spring water and glass after brewing tea, green entrance clear, mellow taste, fragrance. 2, Anhui Mount Huangshan Mao Feng Shan Shan Qi, tea add three points, is a vivid description of Mount Huangshan Mao feng. Mount Huangshan Mao Feng can be traced back to the prosperous period of the Tang Dynasty, in the Ming Dynasty, with the further expansion of trade, Mount Huangshan Mao Feng reputation gradually spread. The mass production and export amount is from a company called "Xie Yu big tea" tea, in the operation of the Qing Dynasty, after gradually mingyangtianxia. Mount Huangshan Mao Feng main origin in the Anhui area of Mount Huangshan, including: Mount Huangshan scenic area, Fangcun, village, mouth soup, filling Sichuan, peach blossom peak area, the cloud Valley temple. During the Qingming, Guyu during the picking end to the beginning of summer, fresh leaves. Mount Huangshan wool Fenggan tea cord thin flat, slightly yellowish green, shiny shiny, the outer leaf tea bud wrapped in the middle, beautiful appearance. Dry tea such as orchid fragrance or chestnut fragrance, fresh and pleasant. After brewing, the better quality of the Mount Huangshan summit in the water and then slowly settled down, bud is very beautiful. The soup color yellow and clear, fragrant soup entrance, fresh taste of thick, sweet aftertaste. 3, Zhejiang Anji white tea white tea in Anji, although with a white, but typical Green Tea. Anji white tea is tea varieties, because of its unique characteristics of the spring season, white leaves, to the summer turned green. Anji white tea相关的主题文章: