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Pets Keeping and taking care of a pet may be costly. Whether you are caring for a dog, a cat, or any .panion animal, the pet food costs alone are already considerable, not to mention spending for additional pet supplies such as flea shampoos, grooming supplies, bedding materials, kitten scratching posts, pet carriers, etc. You can easily save on pet supplies by being practical and resourceful. You may purchase secondhand bedding or create them from repurposed materials, like old blankets and other fabrics, which you can already find inside your home. You can also buy pet food in bulk and invest a whole week’s worth or an entire month’s worth of pet food and pet supplies. Wholesale prices tend to be less expensive than getting food and pet supplies in retail packaging. If you have time in your hands, you can even make your own homemade pet food. Hundreds of sites offer recipes for free. These are the top five places where you can get affordable pet supplies and pet food . 1.Online couponing sites. The web teems with sites that showcase free coupons that you can either print out to bring with you during your next trip to the supermarket or you may use them directly while shopping online. Just spend a little time to bookmark the sites that offer updated and unexpired coupons you may visit regularly to get substantial discounts on pet food and pet supplies. 2.Pet food and pet supply retailers. Retailers have well-maintained websites that include various brands of pet supplies and food. You can sign up to their marketing lists and get their newsletter emailed to you on a regular basis. Those newsletters will give you information on discounts or forth.ing wholesale deals on items you will need for your pet. 3.Pet food manufacturers. If you are diligent enough to take advantage of coupon deals, then you might consider getting all your pet supplies directly from their manufacturers because their prices are considerably marked down .pared from what you will get from your local grocery or supermarket. 4.Veterinarian clinics and offices. Talking to a veterinarian will help, too. Veterinarian clinics and offices have clients that endorse pet products and may offer discounts from pet retail outlets. The veterinarian may also have catalogs or fliers sent to his or her office, which may include discounted or inexpensive pet supplies. 5.Animal shelters. These animal shelters are funded by the .munity, the county, or via volunteer contributions. If you adopt a pet from these humane agencies or animal shelters, chances are, you will be given free, low-cost, or heavily discounted pet products and medications. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: