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Music After leaving work, retirees are often confronted with the anxiety that their day to day routines will soon be boring and unproductive. For someone who has been continuously working for a few decades, staying at home for the stretch of the day on a regular basis can be torture. However, aside from "work", any retiree can be productive by engaging in various activities such as enrolling in keyboard lessons. Music in general can offer great benefits for older people, and the keyboard for one is a great musical instrument that a person at any age can learn with ease. Being old should not be an excuse for people to stop learning and to develop new (or rekindle old) interests. There are a lot of things you can try likesports, art, gardening, and more. However, music has a certain charm that appeals to people of different age. Here are great reasons why the elderly should start learning the keyboard: Music Improves Memory A lot of studies and researches have confirmed the benefits of music in improving a person’s memory, emotional healing, and reducing stress among others. Dementia and forgetfulness are .mon problems older people face, and playing the keyboard can offer a lot of help to improve your memory. Your classes will be structured from the easiest topics, to more difficult ones, and as you move along you need to remember the names of the notes and positions of the keys in your musical instrument. Remembering the notes of a song you are learning will also help exercise your brain for sharper memory. Improve Your Body Coordination One of the important aspects you will learn in a keyboard tutorial is the hand-to-eye coordination. As you read the notes with your eyes, your fingers and hands move to translate these writings into music. At the same time, listening skill is sharpened. Sitting to play the piano may not seem a very ideal physical activity, but the light and constant movement of your hands and fingers do are great exercises for them. Just remember to sit with good posture and perform light stretching exercises before and after your practice. Revive Childhood Dreams Many of us have artistic dreams that we might have forgotten because we needed to work and focus on earning money, especially if we are raising a family. Retirement is a good time to start living your dreams. You can aim to learn how to play the keyboard and play some of your favorite songs. But who knows, you may still be.e a real music prodigy this time and play in several grand occasions or .pose your own songs. Even be.e a sough-after keyboard teacher. Be More Productive in Your Spare Time Finally, one important reason why you should learn the keyboard is to make your days more productive. 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