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Home-Securtiy You have almost certainly seen wireless smoke detectors , even if you havent noticed them. These smoke detectors offer all of the same features as a wired alarm, and often more. Because they are wireless, they are also able to be placed anywhere in the home. What do these smoke detectors do? As the name implies, they detect the presence of smoke in order to alert those in the building they are installed in of a fire. A wireless smoke detector has the advantage of not requiring an electrician. You can do the installing and mounting task yourself. They have the same accuracy and efficiency of wired smoke detectors. Some wireless smoke alarm systems for the home can even call and report the fire when they are triggered. Can they be connected to other remote areas near the house? One of the best things about these wireless smoke indicators is that they can be installed almost anywhere. This includes your garage, studios, backyards, patios, and sheds. An interconnected system of wireless smoke detectors can protect your entire property. This would be very difficult if not impossible with wired smoke detectors. What is a smart touch button? This is one feature of a wireless smoke indicator. It is important in that it helps in determining the status and performance of the device. It has a green LED that flashes to help a homeowner know which alarm system is activated at the moment. A red LED flashes if there are malfunctions or system problems needing to be checked and attended. This could also signal a low battery mode on one of the interrelated alarm systems. What is the talking feature? Home alarms systems that include a smoke detector often offer a talking feature that says Fire or Danger in a shout out command. What is the main benefit of this? Studies have shown that children, when they are asleep, often have a hard time waking up at the sound of an alarm. Many have an easier time responding to the sound of a voice. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: