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Software Corporate ERP system implementation typically has several phases. Initial phase might be Financial modules only. Then you switch on Distributions, Logistics, Warehouse Management, Supply Chain Management modules (all these are typically Barcode scanner integration technology driven) and if required add e.merce (in B2B or B2C versions). Peripheral modules should be chosen very carefully to avoid unnecessary customizations, programming various connectors (from external systems, such as SCM, Shipping and Receiving, Manufacturing, etc.). We re.mend you this small publication to get oriented in our Dynamics GP extensions: 1.Warehouse Management System. Our approach is simple – we believe that most of the SCM and WMS functionality is already available in Microsoft Dynamics GP (initially it was known as Great Plains Dynamics). However what is lacking – Barcoding extensions. And this is what our WMS does – it enables Great Plains modules for Barcoding. Merchandize receiving is mapped to GP Purchase Receipt form; Order Fulfillment is in Sales Order Processing Order Line Allocations; and Physical Inventory Count is mapped to GP Cycle Count. And what happens is this – when you scan labels and documents on the warehouse floor they are created in real time in Dynamics GP .pany database 2.e.merce Integration Module. In the case of e.merce – it might be that you already have working e.merce web site (often programmed in-house), however it is often true that you deployed on of the existing e.merce shopping cart plug-ins. In our e.merce module we simply setup in wizard manner integration mapping between e.merce shopping cart and Dynamics GP SOP Sales Order or Invoice. Most popular shopping cart have integration plug-ins in our module and all you need to do is to pick your shopping cart model from the drop down list in settings. e.merce module is built upon our unique integration technology Order Connector 3.Demos. We invite you to visit us at Convergence 2010 in Atlanta in April 24 through 27. We will be presenting WMS, elements of Supply Chain Management, Consignment, e.merce integration with WMS (where customer orders are pushed from e.merce shopping cart and then fulfilled via Barcoding based WMS). If you missed Convergence, please feel free to call our office: 1-866-528-0577, 1-630-961-5918 or email us [email protected] 4.Dynamics GP WMS and e.merce implementation internationally. International clientele might feel that it is underserved, especially considering the facts that WMS and e.merce Dynamics GP partners are located in USA, Canada, Australia. If you are in Latin America, South East Asia, Oceania, Arabic countries – US based Dynamics GP ISV partners might be not willing to travel internationally for initial installations and implementations. We are happy to help you internationally, our consultants speak English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Arabic, Russian, Filipino About the Author: 相关的主题文章: