Working From Home Jobs Can Give You A Lucrative New Career – The Skys The Limit!

UnCategorized Whether you have been laid off or just want to be a stay-at-home parent, there are a bevy of working from home jobs to choose from. The earning potential of these jobs ranges from around $10 an hour up to an executive salary. The key is finding the right job for your specific talents. The first thing you might want to do is go online and search for a good work-from-home directory. This directory will provide you with listings of legitimate .panies or businesses that are looking for people to work from home. The classified section of your local newspaper, craigslist, indeed.., and jobing.. usually have working from home jobs listed as well. Major .panies, such as Hilton Hotels, Home Shopping Network and 1-800 Flowers.. are now hiring work-from-home customer service agents. Specifics are listed on their web sites but you are required to have a .puter, high speed internet and a dedicated land line (can’t use your cell phone). They will train you and utilize your services for their high-volume business, usually weekends and especially holidays. Direct Marketing has .e a long way from getting your friends together for a Tupperware party. Take your pick from a wide selection of products and services to sell: Avon, Mary Kay and Beauty Control are leaders in the makeup industry, Pampered Chef and Tastefully Simple are popular with people who enjoy good food, and Party Lite features aromatic candles and attractive holders at their home parties. There is usually a minimal investment with any direct marketing venture to get your start-up kit, but the earning potential is what you make it. You can just pursue it as a hobby or you can earn an in.e over $100K, as well as free trips, products and other incentives. There are always work-from-home jobs in the administrative field. Data entry, web design, and creating resumes are just a few that are available on a regular basis. Many .panies are cutting back on in-house employees and they are hiring virtual assistants. If you are good at sales and customer service, you can name your in.e with a telemarketing job. Usually you are paid a base pay along with .mission and bonuses on the sales that you make each week. There is great earning potential to be made when you take on working from home jobs. You do have the freedom to be in your own home, but you must be disciplined and set up a specific work schedule. Also, make sure you instill in your family and friends that even though you are at home, you are still at work. Why not take this opportunity to find something you love and go for it! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: