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The world Internet Conference, WiFi manneungyulsoi show global connections – Sohu of science and technology in November 16th, the Third World Conference of the Internet? The Wuzhen summit of the grand opening, WiFi master key for two consecutive years as the world Internet Conference? Wuzhen summit official partners to participate in this event. As the world’s largest network sharing platform for mutual help, WiFi master key is not only committed to provide users with free, safe and convenient Internet services, to promote global Internet is more popular, the elimination of the global digital divide to make due efforts. World Internet Conference, the theme of the Wuzhen summit is the driving force for innovation and benefit mankind – to join hands to build a community of cyberspace destiny". Although the network has become an indispensable necessities of life, but UNESCO published at the end of last year "broadband status report" shows that the world is still 57% of the people have no access to the Internet, the global digital divide is still grim. Let the people of the world free internet access, is the vision of the WiFi master key, which is also the world’s Internet Conference, the theme of the Wuzhen summit is very fit. Based on the sharing of economic model, WiFi universal key to help users achieve free internet access at home and abroad are widely welcomed to become one of the fastest growing Internet companies China Mobile. WiFi master key founder and CEO Chen Danian said, the rapid development of the economy, the digital divide has been widening. According to the world bank, there are still 4 billion people in the world who are unable to access the Internet, and we believe that this inequality in information technology will further reduce the chances of poor people to improve their lives. Therefore, when we vigorously do WiFi manneungyulsoi this product, let more people free access to the Internet at the same time, 1000 schools are deeply impoverished and a mountainous area in the mountainous area, to build the network for the children, let them have the opportunity to connect to the internet." As of June this year, WiFi has been the key to the world’s 223 countries and regions, more than 900 million users to provide free internet access, with a hot spot can be connected to the daily average of more than 4 billion times the number of connections. At present, Facebook, Google and other world-renowned enterprises, are also advancing to let people around the world free Internet access". In fact, WiFi master key is also from the network connectivity tools, the development of large data platform has become a massive user. Currently WiFi master key to do three things, connections, big data, as well as the ecological scene. Chen Danian said, in the promotion of free internet access to this thing, we are also trying to do some big data scene. I think the scene of big data, big data will become the industry’s biggest breakthrough in the past, although some people do some research area, but also very sparse fragments, we determined to build large data real scene, people do more intelligent and ecological scene." With the Tencent, Alibaba and Internet Co such as Baidu connect people and people, people and goods, people and information of different forms, WiFi master key to play their own advantages in location, for users and businesses to provide people with the scene based on "big data.相关的主题文章: