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Xiamen’s 88 year old grandmother wearing a dress hat duty of cleaning the temperament of volunteers? Chen grandma picked up the broom, in residential cleaning. When grandma Chen was young. Yesterday, the people of Xiamen? The WeChat circle of friends is a 88 year old Shuabing, old friends as "the age of the largest, highest, most beautiful Yan temperament" volunteers. The old man is a resident of maple Danya yuan Chen grandmother. Chen grandmother out of the house, and other community residents to clean up the road branches. She was wearing a blue dress, wearing a hat, very conspicuous in red volunteers, but also very surprised: nearly 90 years old was agile. But Chen grandmother is very calm: there is strength to make out, help others is healthy." ? when young, athletic players, and young people together to clean, do not leave early? "I have no problem, I can carry a bag of 10 pounds of rice to go home"? Yesterday afternoon, the reporter saw Chen grandmother, the old man did not know that he is not the Internet has become a "red net". Yesterday, more than 8 in the morning, Chen grandmother to buy things back to see the property staff and volunteers in the district to clean the branches, so also joined. Although the older, but Chen grandmother is not lazy, not only sweep the hard work, but also with other people adhere to around 11 noon. Property staff to greet her grandmother to eat together, Chen grandmother refused with a smile, said to go home cooking. Do so long health, for young people, will be very tired, not to mention the nearly 90 year old. But she said she had no problem. According to the property staff, Chen grandmother almost every day to go out, and often mention something home. I can carry a bag of 10 pounds of rice to go home." Chen grandmother walking in a loud voice, have good ears and eyes, neatly, do not see nearly 90 years old. Chen said the grandmother, she is young athletic players, high jump, javelin, discus everything, was also the unit center on the basketball team. ? the wardrobe full of clothes, four seasons wear dresses, go to dress up? "To live rich and colorful, to enjoy living every day? Let them not be surprised Chen grandmother’s age, and her elegant. How did the nearly 90 year old do this? Reporter walked into the grandmother’s home, when she opened the wardrobe, the reporter found the answer. Chen grandma’s wardrobe full of clothes, a variety of styles and colors, mostly skirt. Chen said the grandmother, she almost all year round to wear skirts, each time to go out to dress up the. In addition to dress, grandma Chen’s life is also a taste. Although she lives alone, her daughter lives in the next door. Grandma Chen is a faithful reader of the evening paper, every time there is a wonderful evening activities, she will go alone. Watch beach volleyball, chrysanthemum show…… Evening news recommended a lot of activities, Chen grandmother have participated in. Every once in a while, she will go to Gulangyu Islet alone. She said: "life is the need to adjust, to live their lives too.相关的主题文章: