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You must know about the real name registration of mobile phone – Gansu Channel – People’s original title: on the real name registration of mobile phone, you must know the 1. question: how to identify their cell phone number is real name? Answer: it is uncertain whether the mobile phone number has real name, it is best to call the operator’s customer service phone consultation. Mobile customer service Tel: 10086; Unicom customer service Tel: 10010; telecom customer service Tel: 10000. You can also log in the mobile phone business hall, WeChat public number and other electronic channels query. 2. questions: can you go to the business hall to fill in the formalities? Answer: China Mobile and China Unicom require that they must carry their ID card, authorization letter and other materials to the business hall. China Telecom can not be represented by others. Special number (containing the serial number, even number) requires the owner to personally come to apply, not by others to do. 3. questions: real name registration must go to the business hall to handle it? Answer: there are three ways to handle the real name system of mobile phone, which can be through the entity business hall, the network business hall or the proxy network. Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, foreigners, special mobile phone number must go to the business hall. 4. questions: how to deal with real name card in different places? Answer: real name registration, abide by the principle of local certification, must bring my ID card to the scene. If businesses can handle card purchase, use mobile phone operators WeChat public concern no.. Foreigners in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan also need real name registration. The real name registration can be carried out through passports, residents’ passes to the mainland, and Taiwan residents’ mainland pass, but only to the service department. 5. Q: no overdue real name will be directly pin number? Answer: before the outage, operators will be based on the situation to choose the phone, SMS, announcement, written letters and other ways to urge again, for the expiration of the reminder has not yet re registration procedures, operators will stop their communications services according to law, regardless of the card there is no call charges. If the user is not within the specified time will be canceled if the real name, treatment. 6. questions: now the mobile phone cards are real name system? Answer: yes. In May this year, the Ministry issued "on the implementation of the" Anti Terrorism Law "and other laws and regulations to further improve the true identity of the phone user information registration work notice", the notification specified, not the real name of the user does not have information for board, operators can stop the communication service. And the requirements of communication enterprises to ensure that in December 31st of this year before all the phone user name rate reached more than 95%, June 30, 2017 reached 100%. 7. questions: after the phone real name system can do a few mobile phone card? Answer: the same user in the same basic telecom enterprise or the same mobile resale enterprise effective use of telephone cards up to 5, will not be opened for the user new telephone card business. 8. questions: what is the impact of the real name system without mobile phone card? Answer: the registration procedures have been completed within the prescribed period of the user, will be suspended until the pin number communication service. (commissioning editor Shao Lan and Tong Wang)

关于手机实名登记你必须要知道的–甘肃频道–人民网 原标题:关于手机实名登记你必须要知道的 1. 问: 如何辨别自己的手机号是否实名? 答: 不确定手机号是否已经实名,最好先拨打运营商的客服电话咨询。移动客服电话:10086;联通客服电话:10010;电信客服电话:10000。也可以登录运营商手机营业厅、微信公众号等电子渠道查询。 2. 问:可以去营业厅代办补登手续吗? 答:中国移动、中国联通要求必须携带双方的身份证、委托授权书等材料去营业厅办理。中国电信则无法由他人代办。特殊号码(含有串号、连号)需要机主本人亲自前来办理,不能由他人代办。 3. 问:实名登记必须要去营业厅才能办理吗? 答:办理手机实名制一般有三种途径,可以通过实体营业厅、网络营业厅或者代理网点。港澳台、外籍人士、特殊手机号码必须要到营业厅办理。 4. 问: 异地卡如何办理实名? 答:办理实名登记遵守本地认证原则,必须携带本人身份证到场。如果是异地购卡,可使用手机关注运营商微信公众号办理。 港澳台、外籍人士也需实名登记。可以通过护照、居民来往内地通行证、台湾居民往来大陆通行证进行实名登记,但只能到服务厅办理。 5.问:逾期没有实名会被直接销号吗? 答:停机前,运营商将根据情况选择以电话、短信、公告、书面信函等方式再次催告,对于在催告期满仍未补办登记手续的,运营商将依法停止其通信服务,不管卡里还有没有话费。如用户在规定时间内仍未实名,将面临被销号的处理。 6.问:现在手机卡都要实名制吗? 答:是的。今年5月,工信部发布《关于贯彻落实〈反恐怖主义法〉等法律规定进一步做好电话用户真实身份信息登记工作的通知》,通知中明确规定,未实名的用户没有进行信息补登,运营商可停止其通信服务。并要求通信企业确保在今年12月31日前全部电话用户实名率达到95%以上,2017年6月30日前达到100%。 7.问:手机实名制后能办几张手机卡? 答:同一用户在同一家基础电信企业或同一移动转售企业办理有效使用的电话卡达到5张的,将不得为该用户开办新电话卡业务。 8.问:没有办理手机卡实名制会有什么影响? 答:在规定期限内未完成补登记的手续的用户,将暂停通信服务直至销号。 (责编:邵兰、王彤)相关的主题文章: