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Writing-and-Speaking Getting a letter from Santa can make any child’s Christmas memorable and special. Many children have a Christmas tradition of writing a letter to Santa Claus or Father Christmas in December, but many Santa letters go unanswered. Children who get a letter in response from Santa Claus may be so thrilled their parents will make it a tradition to ensure they get one every Christmas. There are a few ways a letter from Santa can get to your child. The easiest for Santa is to leave the letter from Santa with the child’s Christmas gifts on Christmas morning. Santa can respond to the child’s letter, letting them know he received the letter at the North Pole and that the elves worked especially hard to make sure the child’s Christmas wishes were granted. Santa may also include some suggestions for the child – he may ask the child to listen to his or her parents more carefully or to play nicely with siblings and other children, for example. The request or advice from Santa will, of course, be specific to each child. Remember Santa will sign his name on the letter (and Santa’s signature shouldn’t look like mom’s or dad’s). Another way a letter from Santa can get to a child is, of course, through the mail. Children love getting letters and a letter from Santa just before Christmas is sure to provoke excitement. No matter how the letter from Santa is delivered, it should be specific to the child and make mention of something the child mentioned in his or her letter to Santa. A North Pole postmark stamp adds a measure of authenticity and the letter’s envelope may be.e as much of a treasured possession for a child as the letter from Santa itself. Remember, a letter from Santa will have a festive stamp and unique signature. In this day and age, a letter from Santa doesn’t have to be an actual letter. Perhaps your child sent their Christmas list to Santa via email this year. Surely Santa keeps pace with technology, considering all the high-tech Christmas gifts children request! Santa may respond to an email via email, Facebook, or even a special Christmas blog. If your son or daughter emailed Santa, have Santa send an email letter from Santa back to them. You can create a dedicated "Letters to Santa" email using a free service like Gmail or Hotmail. Make sure the first and last name fields read Santa Claus or Father Christmas. You may also consider creating a Santa Claus Facebook account for your family, or find Santa on Facebook as a supplement to or substitute for a letter from Santa. That way Santa can send the kids updates from the North Pole as Christmas approaches – how the reindeer are preparing for the big day, what Mrs. Claus will pack for Santa’s Christmas dinner, and who Santa received letters from that day. Another alternative to a letter from Santa is a Santa Claus blog. Santa’s posts can be more detailed descriptions of Santa’s preparations for Christmas, or you can get creative and have Santa .ment on reports from the elves about how your children are behaving – naughty or nice. No matter how a letter from Santa gets to them, young children will be excited to .municate with Father Christmas himself. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: