Zhang Yimou the Great Wall Trailer figures exposure Andy Lau Damon Zheng Kai Tian Jing Chen Xuedong didadi

Zhang Yimou "the Great Wall" Trailer figures exposure: Andy Lau Damon Zheng Kai Tian Jing Chen Xuedong Wang Junkai – Anhui Luhan Channel – Zheng Kai Wang Junkai people.com.cn directed by Zhang Yimou hesui blockbuster gluttonous "the Great Wall" in December 16th by the national release, the film Chinese film Limited by Share Ltd, music as pictures, legendary pictures, Universal Pictures, CO produced, a collection of Matt Damon? Tian Jing, Pedro, Pascal, William?? Dafoe, Andy Lau, Zhang Hanyu, Eddie Peng, Lu Han, Lin update, Zheng Kai and Huang Xuan, Chen Xuedong, Wang Junkai and other foreign luxury lineup, Liu Bing, Li Heng and Yu Xin Tian might send a new actor. Today, the film side issued a "gluttonous siege" trailer, the first exposure of the Great Wall unknown "secret", a variety of powerful delicate organs, and guarding the mysteries of the the Great Wall the Great Wall will become the shadow army, huge land-based aircraft, while their opponent is the ancient animal gluttonous. In the battle scene grand expansion, Chinese cultural elements is revealed, that Zhang Yimou never give up "to the world tell a good story Chinese" at the beginning of the heart. Gluttonous siege scene shocked you have never seen the the Great Wall "unlock a lot of things you’ve never seen". William as the "the Great Wall" trailer? Dafoe said, "this gluttonous siege" exposure notice a lot of information, Matt? Damon’s mercenaries, all the way to the China in search of a mysterious weapon, accidentally discovered the secret of the Great Wall. The Great Wall is more than just a section of the city wall is so simple, the trailer shows a variety of powerful and sophisticated organ is only the "land carrier" tip of the iceberg. There are guarding the the Great Wall against the ancient animal attack gluttonous shadowless army, "they always prepare for the war". In the movie the groups belong to five different units, and carry out their duties, coordination. Tiger army is engineering and authority forces, control of the Great Wall on a variety of powerful delicate organs, and archers of Eagle Scout, responsible for long-range strike; and the deer is in the bear in the two major forces in the melee, bears heavy deer in the flexible, they will still have a close combat and gluttonous; a Fiso crane army they were armed with guns, jumped down from high altitude, using gravity angle full range of attack, these can be seen in the trailer. It is reported that in the movie gluttony, once every 60 years the world, they are not the unconscious beast, but organized and planned to "human predators". In the notice, for the first time in a gluttonous appearance, fast, organized frenzied attack humans, destroying buildings, fighting extremely horrible. Dare to build Hollywood the Great Wall the Great Wall is Zhang Yimou to the output of Chinese culture China well-known in the world one of the highest degree of label, China has a long history of culture and numerous myths and legends, the film is more a countless treasures, grab one can send out a lot of imagination. Zhang Yimou combines them with the Great Wall to create a unique story of Chinese culture. In the exposure of the trailer has many highlights, the mysterious the Great Wall off the city, "The Classic of the Great Wilderness" in the ancient animal, the elite Imperial Palace, magnificent shadowless, picturesque)相关的主题文章: