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Zong Ning: the eleven heyday character of SF – Sohu science and technology eleven once again become the focus of attention, 120 billion 700 million of the turnover also once again set a record, this also means that hundreds of millions of packages from all over the country once again issued, which for the logistics enterprises, is a business with period, but also a capacity the test period. The logistics industry leader in the SF machine, but show a different style, the logistics service level of the pursuit, once again show in front of people. In fact, the annual SF Gao Tieyun express grab headlines can grab the headlines last year, SF aircraft and dozens of vehicles such as photo triggering sensation, have said "please let SF fly first, my long johns was still there." This is the first use of the SF express transport trains, once again sparked netizens exclaimed. Good luck in the capacity has been strong, before others in the car when the SF has its own aircraft, now we have used the plane, and began to use the high iron sf. This is the courier’s hard strength, but also the business leader of the guarantee. SF high-speed rail transport is very neat, goods placed on the seat is also very standard, we can see that this is not cluttered, but rigorous planning, from the point of view of the details, do the SF logistics management ability is unmatched in the industry. Able to show their strength through the headlines, into a news topic, it is precisely because this hard power has exceeded the imagination of the user too much. In fact, this lead, itself is a kind of SF constantly breakthrough yourself, always a step ahead of the spirit, the spirit of this fast, it is a unique corporate personality sf. Eleven double current limit for a better experience double eleven major basic logistics warehouse explosion escape the fate of everyone in this day is always crazy orders, want to make a full bowl full disc, but often do not have enough capacity to support. But strong SF is not think so, when eleven pair of the most intense, in order to ensure the quality of service, SF began to implement the current limit orders, total orders loss has over ten million. SF early positioning end business documents and documents of their own business mainly to do, do not do big heavy cargo, so I gave up some irregular or heavy package, to ensure the stability and the quality of their service business. The relentless pursuit of logistics experience also let SF and other companies are not the same. SF has been pushing the limits of the logistics industry, regardless of speed or deliveries from the car to the plane to the high-speed rail to the cold chain to the UAV, is the leading industry breakthrough, and every breakthrough will bring great progress on business. For example, the cold chain of fresh and pharmaceutical industry to promote the electricity supplier is fundamental, so that many of the original can not be purchased in the electricity supplier platform, because the logistics level of ascension, and can be purchased. This is not only an improvement of the user experience, in fact, more or to promote and improve the entire business environment and the economy. This pattern and layout, is a level beyond the industry, a lot of people start cannot read why SF to do these things, but with these breakthroughs falling one by one, we finally see SF ultimate pursuit, from product.相关的主题文章: